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WHY would you want weed socks where you gonna wear those?? to church???? to school? to work? no you’ll wear them at home by yourself and take pics of them for the internet bc there’s little marijuanas on them

I was on a cruise ship out of Jacksonville and I saw a woman at the buffet in weed socks. I thought of this post.


German Ad Doesn’t Need Words To Speak Volumes About Supporting Your Kids

Being a teenager is hard. But the German home improvement chain Hornbach knows having parents who go the extra mile to show their support can make a big difference.

Watch the full commercial that will sum those awkward high school years perfectly here. 

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isn’t that Vincent Van Gogh painting the house?

this child is too much.




T.S. Abe

"72° Degrees in the Shade"

Pencil on Paper

"72° Degrees in the Shade."
"Animated Self Portrait Study"




an important factual presentation by me

All the facts.

this is important. and Tina as Cleopatra is SO.
I adore Kevyn Aucoin

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if you use the bible as an excuse towards being anti gay dont forget that:

  • shrimp
  • pork
  • obesity
  • torn clothes (like ripped jeans)
  • wearing clothing made from 2 different fabrics
  • cutting your hair
  • shaving
  • tattoos
  • and working on Sundays

are all listed as abominations in the bible as well