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12 year old natalie portman was more talented than most actresses in their prime


HOLY SHIT. This is fucking amazing. Like honestly I’ve never been so entertained by a song/video by a Drag Queen ever. The entire concept and the way he clearly had the video in mind when recording the song, the colors, the styling, everything about this is perfect.

it’s seriously really good


do people even try anymore?

OMG YAY. i was so afraid that bustedqueens wasn’t going to reblog me anymore!

dreams of being read on the internet: accomplished <3

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can’t take my eyes off of you

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drop out of pharm school, move to Connecticut with me, and I will make you my new art practice. #notreally

drop out of art school or whatever, move to arizona, and hitch your artsy wagon to my pharmacy-funded drag star #yesreally

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I'm glad you finally recognize where your drag genius comes from Dylan

"drag genius" you’re insane. 

I do genuinely wish I could recreate Dalí and Munch and Magritte on my face.